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Welcome to NOMAD for 2014!  This year we hope to have members from many different health fields including Nursing, Midwifery, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Exercise Science, Health Science, Psychology, Medicine and more. There are heaps of opportunities it get involved with NOMAD, see us on campus or click on the 'contact us' link above!

All new members, please register through the NRHSN database by clicking on the "JOIN NOW!" link in the above tool bar we can keep you better informed about upcoming events, scholarships and other opportunities and know who our amazing members are!


Upcoming Events

NOMAD events 2014

NOMAD is currently finalising an exciting events callendar for 2014. You can look forward to:

  • The annual NOMAD wine tour. This much anticipated event traverses the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula's wineries and features inspiring speakers speaking on rural health at spendid wineries with delicious wines and food.
  • IMMERSe clinic visits, including Dayelsford (with the possibility of a spa afternoon) and clinics in the Grampions region (road trips)
  • Ballarat and Warnambool Clinical School visits (road trip)
  • The OSCE practice weekend (co-run with GPSN Deakin)
  • A dinner and discussion night - stay tuned for details of the fascinating speaks who will be involved this year.
  • A bush dance.


Please note that this provisional list of events is subject to change, and that more details are forthcoming.

Past events

Rural Health Careers Day


NOMAD, WILDFIRE and OUTLOOK would like to invite you to our Rural Health Careers Day. 10-5 Saturday July 27th 2013 at Deakin University Waterfront Campus, Geelong.

The day includes:

  • A rural careers information session for nursing and medical students
  • An expo of health organisations to answer all of your questions about rural careers
  • A 3 course lunch with fantastic guest speakers
  • Clinical skills sessions on plastering and suturing
  • A certificate of participation will be awarded to all participants.

Tickets $10 - BOOK NOW at Booking/ BookingEventSummary.aspx?ei d=50926

Inquiries - or look us up on Facebook


10.00am – 10.30am

Welcome and Introduction - D2.194

Talks from sponsors Avant, MIPS and MDA National

10.30am – 11.00am

Rural Career Pathway information session for Nursing and Medicine.

Nursing - D2.194, Speaker - Leanne McKenrie.

Medicine - D2.193, Speakers – Pauline Ingham and UoM Rural Health Academic Centre

11.00am – 12.00pm

Information Expo- Costa Hall Foyer L2

Royal Australian College of Surgeons

Rural Health Workforce Australia

RWAV Health Professional Solutions

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

12.15pm – 3.00pm

Lunch at The Lord Nelson, Corner of Bellerine and Malop St, Geelong

Nursing speaker – Donna Field

Medicine speakers – Dr David Campbell

3.15pm – 5.00pm

Skills Workshops

Suturing - D2.194, D2.193

Plastering - Costa Hall Foyer


Boolz Rulz & IMMERSe visit

Information for 1st year medical students:

Want to check out the Warrnambool clinical school and hospital? Take a tour around the beautiful town and check out the Colac IMMERSe site on the way back? I'm sure you're all curious for your upcoming clinical school preference selection!

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided at the respective sites along with a chance to chat to current Warrnambool and IMMERSe students about the programs, the highs the lows and any other questions you may have.

Cost: TBD ($0-$10)

Proposed schedule:

8am leave Waurn Ponds Campus
10:30 Arrive at Warrnambool
Presentation by Director/Deputy Directors at Warrnambool
Small group tours of the hospital with students and staff
Lunch with current Warnambool students and staff
Tour of the Warrnambool area on the bus
1:30 Leave Warrnambool for Colac
3:00 Visit the IMMERSe site at Colac and speak to students
Afternoon Tea at Colac
6:00 Leave Camperdown for Waurn Ponds
7pm Arrive home at Waurn Ponds

Take advantage of this cheap, fun day out with friends and a chance to explore South Western Victoria!

Courtesy of your friendly NOMAD club.
Contact: NOMAD Treasurer - Simon Hume or join the facebook event:


Past Events - 2013

Wine Tour

Come and join NOMAD for our annual Wine Tour. It’s sure to be a fun day filled with all the best that the Bellarine Peninsula has to offer - spectacular wineries, wine tasting, delicious food and inspirational speakers.

When: 9am for a 9.30am departure
Where: Bus Departs from Deakin University, Waurn Ponds bus stop
Cost: NOMAD members = $35; NOMAD members with DUSA membership = $30
Wine tasting: $5 at Oakdene, Scotchman’s Hill and Jack Rabbit; Free at Terindah Estate
Tickets: 47303

Places are limited, only registered NOMAD members are eligible.+1 tickets are available for purchase.


SGM - Waurn Ponds Campus

Welcome to our new and returning committee members who were elected on the 25/03/2013. Thanks to everyone who ran. We encourage anyone who's keen to get involved in running NOMAD, all help is welcome and appreciated!


  • Junior NRHSN representative: Sarah Shortis
  • Junior Rural High School Visits coordinator: Jupinder Kaur
  • Senior Rural High School Visits coordinator: Annie Rose
  • Junior Teddy Bear Hospital Program coordinator: Ana Joijode
  • Senior Teddy Bear Hospital Program coordinator: Lucy Johnston
  • Waurn Ponds Campus Representative: Alex Carter
  • Waurn Ponds Optometry Representative: Valerie Chan
  • Waterfront Nursing & Midwifery Representative: Bronwyn Mawbey
  • Waterfront Allied Health Representative: VACANT
  • Marketing & Publications Officer: Laura Tagell
  • Community and Indigenous Officer: Ben Scott
  • Event coordinator: Lisa Grinlington

    Barefoot Bowls

    On Friday the 22nd of Feb we headed down to Torquay Bowls Club to roll some bowls! Check our the photos form this event on our Facebook page.

    2012 Events

    AGM - Waurn Ponds Campus

    We have rounded off our year with the NOMAD AGM. Welcome to our new executive!

    Co-chairs: Kate Turnbull and Adrian Luscombe

    Secretary: Yasmean Kalim

    Treasurer: Simon Hume


    OSCE Skills Weekend - Camperdown, Vic

    October 5th-6th

    On Friday October 5th, the second annual OSCE skills weekend was held in Camperdown. Second year medical students were given an excellent opportunity to practice their clinical skills in a beautiful, verdant (!) rural setting. We stayed at the Craters and Lakes Caravan Park overlooking a very cold volcanic lake, and had a fabulous fried breakfast in the morning after a nice evening before at the pub. All very salutory, and putting us in an excellent frame of mind for the rigour of a day in the clinic practising examination and procedural skills. Thank you to our first year 'patients', who very generously gave up limbs for examination purposes. We were also joined by a number of students in third and fourth years who very kindly travelled to Camperdown from their clinical schools to give enormously valued feedback and advice for OSCEs, as well as thoughts on life in the later years. The Camperdown Clinic provided space for us to undertake these activities, and it was also great to have tours of the hospital for students to see the resources available.

    On the whole, this was a practical and fun way to enjoy an introduction to rural medicine and rural life, combining social and academic interests all in a lovely, bucolic setting!


    Bools Rools

    What a terribly disappointing day “Bools Rules” turned out to be! On Thursday 6th September around 20 first year students, all slightly worse for wear (thanks Thornhill!), stumbled into the minivan filled with expectations and excitement. We were looking for some kind of direction and guidance to help us make the fateful decision about our 3rd and 4th year clinical schools. The weather was teetering on hurricane winds and the sun was only occasionally teasing us with its presence. And it was a long drive. Albeit, the drive was made that much faster by the sugary Baker’s Delight delights provided to us by Steph for morning tea, and gratefully received by our hungry stomachs.

    We finally arrived in Warrnambool and headed straight to the hospital. It was a surprisingly modern structure, lots of bright green, angles and modern space. For all you city folk, there was a café in the hospital. Reportedly, it has inconsistent coffee, but hey, you win some you lose some. After being taken to the lecture theatre we quickly realised that Warrnambool was not going to be a stressful location to do our clinical years, at least not in respect to the staff. They were all approachable, they knew all of the current 3rd and 4th years and they were genuinely keen to help us appreciate the benefits of studying so far away from civilisation. The small group, the inability to fade into the background, the accessibility of senior medical staff and the genuinely friendly support staff all created a very comfortable atmosphere.

    We then were taken on a hike around the hospital. It was an epic journey – lasting nearly an hour. We lost a few students along the way from exposure. Luckily, lunch was then provided to recover from the trek shortly after. It hosted by some of the current students, who were happy to be grilled with questions. Many of these students had originally been unhappy with their placement at Warrnambool but had quickly altered their view. Many said that if they were given their preferences again they would’ve put Warrnambool first. This, above all, was the strongest vote of confidence we had been given all day. Lunch was followed by a tour of the town. Our guide was a true salesman and particularly multitalented. If he wasn’t the clinical skills coordinated for medical students by day, he could have easily taken up as a tour guide for the Warrnambool council.

    After a whirlwind tour of the town we were on our way to the IMMERSE town of Camperdown. We arrived at the Camperdown bowls club just in time to miss the downpour of rain. We were given a brief talk about the benefits of the IMMERSE program as an option for 3rd year. The talk seemed to quell a lot of the hesitation many students have about being placed in a rural town for a whole year. It also answered a number of questions. I, for one, hadn’t realised that most IMMERSE placements are with other students, so you don’t have to be completely on your own. There appears to be a lot of opportunity for self-directed learning and patient interaction. The lovely ladies of the bowls club also provided us with afternoon tea. After that we were then divided into two groups and taken on a tour of the hospital or the medical clinic and were given a chance to talk to an IMMERSE student about their experiences.

    Overall ‘Bools Rules’ was an eyeopener. We were given a taste of what life in Warrnambool or Camperdown would be like, and we weren’t disappointed (the first line was included to eliminate competition who can’t be bothered to read the whole article). Whether it’s the sunny beachside lifestyle, the small group size or the enthusiastic staff that drives you to pick Warrnambool or IMMERSE, I’m pretty confident that you would be making a great decision.

    - Written by Laura Tagell, 1st year medicine


    Dinner Discussion Night

    NOMAD’s annual dinner discussion night was held at Truffleduck in Fyansford, on the 7th of September. The evening was a resounding success, and its speakers were eloquent and stirring. We had a very good dinner indeed, and were given the wonderful opportunity to converse with the invited guests whose experiences in health are diverse and colourful.

    The first speaker, GP Dr. Tim Denton, works with youth mental health services in Geelong, and has extensive experience working in aboriginal health in Arnhem Land. He discussed the challenges faced in his work, and gave some practical advice about working remotely (“live in your community”). Leanne McKenrie, a clinical nurse specialist currently working in Geelong ICU, was our second speaker. She gave a superb presentation on working for the Red Cross in Sudan, setting up field hospitals to care for the war wounded. Some of her anecdotes from working with the Flying Surgical Team of the Red Cross were hair-raising, but enough to make even the most pedestrian of us want to experience work in Africa, with the sorts of people she spoke of. Our third speaker, Robert Holloway, is an optometrist (originally from Melbourne) currently working in Wangaratta and enjoying its advantages over suburban living such as closer community ties, affordability, and diversity of clinical practice. He also had some excellent advice about fitting into rural communities, such as having respect and sensitivity for their inhabitants and going along to social events “even if you don’t particularly like them: you’ll find something or someone you do!” Finally, Donna Field, a clinical nurse educator at Colac Hospital, gave a most entertaining talk on working in a community north of Alice Springs. Her liveliness and spirit were quite infectious. Again, she pointed to frontiers of health, and communities whose vicissitudes draw health workers into the fabric of life there.

    In sum, this evening was amusing and stirring, and gave everyone an excellent dinner and much to contemplate.


    Wine Tour

    April 21st

    The NOMAD Wine Tour was held on Saturday the 21st of April. It was a warm day, and autumnal in a vague, sea fog sort of way. From the russet, vine-clad hills of Drysdale we could, despite the haze, see out across Corio Bay, toward the You Yangs.

    What an excellent day to see the country around the Bellarine Peninsula and to try some of its pleasant, maritime wines. Cellar doors visited included Oakdene, Bellarine Estate (which also does beer), Jack Rabbit and Scotchman's Hill.


    We were accompanied on the tour by Dr. Peter Mourik and Mrs. Elizabeth Mourik, and Amanda Fisher, a representative from Rural Health Workforce. Peter, a GP/Obstetrician from Albury, gave us a talk over lunch at Bellarine Estate about his life as a practitioner in Albury, which was entertaining and inspiring. We were plied with samples of wines and fed on great piles of Portarlington mussels, which were delicious. Another particular pleasure was the grounds of Jack Rabbit Vineyard, which slope precipitously into the brine, and also Oakdene Winery, which involves an upside-down A-frame house amid sculptures including a pile of ancient wheelbarrows shaped into an obelisk, or the Eiffel Tower depending on which way you look at it. Scotchman's Hill was also an unpretentious delight, and the wines very nice. We look forward to future events of this nature, which was a great success, and an enjoyable exploration of medical rurality and the cult of Bacchus.

    Special AGM

    Monday March 26th

    Elections were held for the 2012 NOMAD General Committee, with the following results:

    Treasurer- Petra Melis-Walsh
    NRHSN Junior Rep - David Khoo
    Event Co-ordinator/ Dusa Liaison Officer-  Laura Kambuts
    Rural High School Program Coordinators - Annie Rose and Yasmean Kalam
    Teddy Bear Hospital Program Coordinators - Kate Turnbull and Lucy Johnston
    Campus / Course Reps:
    • Waurn Ponds - Nick Mills, Adrian Luscombe
    • Warnambool - Peta Kampman
    • Water front / Nursing Rep - Chloe Reid
    • Optometry Rep - Marc Eskander
    Marketing and Publications Officer- Genevieve Commins
    Community and Indigenous Officer - Ben Scott

    Barefoot Bowls - 17/2/12

    A lovely evening was had by our Med students who began their uni year early in January by participating in some relaxing and enjoyable Barefoot Bowls at the Torquay Lawn Bowls Club.  A great social event for NOMAD members and to check out some of the beautiful town of Torquay.


    O-Day sign up stalls - 31/1/12 and 27-29/2/12

    Lots of new Health Students were keen to sign up to NOMAD for 2012!



    Late in October we held our AGM at the Waurn Ponds Campus and as well as eating delicious food, grabbing the NOMAD freebies and hearing what we’ve all been up to throughout 2011, we elected our fabulous 2012 exec! On behalf of the outgoing executive we’d like to send a huge congratulations and warm welcome to this newly elected team:

    Co-chairs – Steph Munari & Tara Naige
    Treasurer – Petra Melis-Walsh
    Secretary – Lucy Dobson

    Nayna Purchase will round out the exec, as she continues in the role of NRHSN Representative, taking on the senior position.

    A reminder to anyone else interested in being involved with the 2012 committee that General Elections will be held early in Semester One. Keep an eye out for the call for nominations next year, and if you have any questions about any of the role and what is involved please drop us a line.

    Once again a huge congratulations to the new team. We are thrilled that NOMAD will be in such capable hands and look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you do next year.

    2011 Events

    Rural Clinical Skills Weekend

    14th-15th October


    Practice OSCE stations at the Camperdown Clinic with local GPs

    3rd year IMMERSE and Warrnambool students give advice on preparation for OSCEs

    Activities such as suturing, plastering, IV cannulation and much more!

    Practive your clinical skills in a relaxed atmosphere while getting to know some local GPs!


    Monday 24th October, 5pm

    Learning Centre, Medical Building

    Elect the 2012 committee.  Hear reports from the 2011 committee.

    Free food and giveaways!

    AGM 24.10.11

    Bools Rools

    Want to know what Warnambool is like? Come and spend a night out with 3rd and 4th years from the ‘Bool and have a look at the Clinical School/Hospital and the city of Warnambool on Saturday.

    Friday 12th - Saturday 13th August

    Leave: 5:30pm from Deakin University on Friday

    Return: ~4:30pm via the 12 Apostles on Saturday

    Partners welcome!

    Tickets $30
    Includes travel, accommodation, dinner Friday night and breakfast and lunch Saturday.


    Teddy Bear Hospital

    This event involves teaching children about health care environments and healthy lifestyles. It aims to make children feel less anxious about health professionals as well as providing a great opportunity for students to brush-up on their communication skills with the younger population.

    The program is held at different primary schools around the Geelong area and consists of five stations where you and your group of  5-6 children are rotated through. We hope to run this program towards the end of September, before the mid-semester break.

    It's lots of fun for all involved, so please sign up in the common-room this week. If you have any queries, please e-mail

    Dinner Discussion Night - 22/7/11

    This is NOMAD’s premier event of the year, bringing together over 60 students from all health disciplines to hear about the challenges and rewards of working in rural Australia, and to be inspired by incredible people.  Located at Truffleduck restuarant, we listened to three amazing speakers and were accompanied by a delicious 3 course meal.  An excellent night and thanks to all who came along!

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